Maggie Stephenson X COLLEVE

Collaboration, October 18, 2019


Illustrator, Maggie Stephenson

Collaboration Artwork

Figure 1. Painting by Maggie Stephenson for COLLEVE

Maggie Stephenson is a Polish artist and self-taught illustrator currently residing in Florida, USA. Maggie’s art is heavily influenced by her European upbringing and travels, combining rich textures and vivid colors. 

1. How do you feel when creating your artwork?
- Creating art to me is from start to finish a very relaxing and rewarding experience. From the moment I do the sketch, my feelings go from anticipation to excitement. Once colors and shapes get adapted, it’s very rewarding to see a piece come together. And when a piece is finished, it’s a sense of completion and peace. The entire process is a great experience for me.

2. Apart from your art, which other activities do you enjoy doing to express yourself?
- Art is such a huge part of my life, that it’s the only creative way in which I express myself currently. I do enjoy going out with family and friends, catching up over dinner. Hiking and going for walks, listening to music or just driving around are many ways in which I recharge.

3. Your dream career path? Where do you hope to see yourself in several years time?
- My dream career path would definitely be something where I can continue working in the creative field. It wouldn’t be too different from what I’m doing now. Illustrating, creating new pieces for myself and clients. Picking color palettes and designs. I could do these things every single day and would still get excited about new projects.

4. As you picked the name of the classic style called "Senso" which means 'human feeling' and ‘emotion’, we wanted to know if those words relate to any of your recent artworks and why?
- Those words are so fitting considering most of my inspiration comes directly from a feeling!!

Figure 2. Painting by Maggie Stephenson for COLLEVE

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