Collaboration, October 14, 2019


Visual Artist, RED

Collaboration Artwork

Figure 1. Drawing by RED for COLLEVE

RED is a visual artist based in Milan, Italy. He is known as a multi-tasking artist where he presents for graffitti and painting works. He has collaborated with Valentino, Tommy Hilfiger, Moncler x Palm Angels, Nike for Heron Preston, and ETC.

1. What’s your background?
- My name is Red! I’ve lived in Milan for 15 years, I am originally from Ethiopia. I am an artist. I work as a designer in fashion and frequently model.

2. What does your work aim to say?
- I’d like for my work to transport the beauty of street art and underground graffiti into fashion. Making luxury... messy!

3. Who are your biggest influences?
- Pablo Picasso is one of my biggest influences, alongside graffiti artists from New York in the 90s...and of course my friends.

4. How have you developed your career?
- So I started on the streets illegally doing graffiti, when the police caught me, I decided I had to be more wise. I decided to start making art at home and in my friends basements! I then began to experiment drawing on clothes and that’s when I guess my passion for fashion was born.

5. What would you say will be future of art/design? Or the next big thing?
- I think the canvas will always remain. That’s all I hope for.

6. Describe your creative process for us. What steps do you take when you’re working through a project?
- I don’t really have a process, I usually go around the streets, listen to music, talk to friends, collect ideas and inspiration from anywhere I can and then it just comes to me and I start.

7. As you picked the name of the racer style called "ALMA" which means 'pleasure' and ‘soul’, we wanted to know if those words relate to any of your recent artworks and why?
- When I graffiti, I put my soul into the streets. I do that because it gives me pleasure to see my ideas constructed into pieces of artwork.

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